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This six month leadership symposium will prepare youth to lead in local congregations and support them in designing and implementing their own project for their home Church. This is not a leadership team, but rather a leadership lab where High School age youth can explore their gifts, receive wisdom from other leaders, and imagine new possibilities for  their local congregation. Participants can attend in person through "Pod" locations in their geographic area, or from home via Zoom. 

Symposium Schedule

In Person and for Zoom

February 3, 2024

Session 1 Schedule

True Colors Worksheets

Project Design Form - Due April 5

Interview Report - Due April 5

Interview Questions

Presentation by Chris Dorsey

Presentation by April Lewton

We will explore some leadership basics, learn about the Churches we serve, and begin imagining final leadership projects. 

          *Please bring copies of Church bylaws.

April 6, 2024

Session 2

Gen-Z Overview

Faith Formation Statistics

We will wrestle with the challenges of change, learn about how faith is formed and how different generations approach life and leadership. Final project plans will be shared at this time. 

          *Pre-reading and video watching required. 

Project Design (2)

June 1, 2024

Session 3

Time to share the stoires and celebrate the work that has been done in all our various congregations. Each participant will have a chance to present. 

Final Check-List

Final Project Report  (3)

Self Reflection and

YLS Evaluation (4)

Symposium Participants

Along with our youth leaders, we are excited to have a wonderful team of seasoned Church leaders


Lee Yates

Symposium Director


Kari Kempf

Symposium Host

MIca 1.jpg

Dr. Mica Stewart

Guest Speaker

Fiyori 1.png

Fiyori Kidane

Guest Speaker


Nancy Brink

Symposium Host


Rev. Dr. Tamara Nichols Rodenberg

Leadership Team

Kris B.png

Rev. Kris Bergstrom

Guest Speaker


Rev. Lea McCracken

Leadership Team

IMG_4535 (1).JPG

Rev. Alexis Tardy

Leadership Team


Rev. Chris Dorsey

Guest Speaker


Rev. April Lewton

Guest Speaker


Rev. Eddie Anderson

Guest Speaker

Jose Martinez.jpeg

Rev. Jose Martinez

Guest Speaker

Sara Critchfield.jpg

Sara Critchfield

Guest Speaker


Cisa Payuyo

Symposium Host

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